Experience the Peak

Once every quarter, we’ll unveil a special ‘Peak of Season’ menu that highlights a single ingredient our chef believes is at it’s height in the season in 3-4 different preparations. These special menus will only be available for a short window.

Summer 2020

Peaches from South Carolina: July 12 – Aug 11, 2020

Peaches enjoy a fairly long season from May through September; however, our chefs believe there is a shorter period from July through august where southern peaches are at their peak of flavor. The natural sweetness during this period is unique in its ability to balance well with savory flavors or add a deep richness to desserts.

— About the Region —

Sourced from the South Carolina counties of Aiken, Edgefield, and Saluda, our peaches are grown across vast ridgelines where they receive the ideal amount of daily sunlight so the fruit can ripen naturally on the trees. The farm’s growing methods include restrictive use of only rainwater to irrigate the trees forcing the fruit to concentrate their flavors and natural sugars. The average rainfall leading up to this period is what delivers the characteristic level of sweetness that inspired our chefs to develop these unique offerings.