Experience the Peak

Once every quarter, we’ll unveil a special ‘Peak of Season’ menu that highlights a single ingredient our chef believes is at it’s height in the season in 3-4 different preparations. These special menus will only be available for a short window.

Winter 2021

Pekin Duck from Pennsylvania: Jan 07 – Feb 09, 2021

While duck may not seem like the most seasonal ingredient, the Pekin Duck we Source over this time period is very unique because of the natural environment. the area is surrounded by wild elderberry trees, and during the fall months, the berries fall to the ground, which the ducks feed off.

Within This small window of time, this seasonal diet adds a surprising hint of underlying berry notes to the flavor of the meat. This paired with the colder weather means the meat is plumper and juicier.

Our preparations highlight the duck’s natural flavors, the extra juiciness from the cold weather, and the subtle berry notes.

Fall 2020

Sunchokes from California: Oct 19 – Nov 24, 2020

Sourced from California, these sunchokes have a short window of time where they can be harvested before they begin to dry up & harden. When dug up at the right time their natural earthy flavors are balanced with a surprising crisp, sweetness. It’s no wonder why they’re also referred to as Earth Apples.

The sunchoke’s intriguing, subtly sweet, nutty, & earthy flavors are reminiscent of potato & jícama, with a hint of artichoke.

Sunchokes are delicious raw & make a great addition to any fresh Autumn salad. However, our chef’s believe they are best when roasted. This brings out their sweet, completely nutty, & earthy flavor notes while adding a nice crunch. All of our preparations start with roasting the sunchokes and then using them in different ways to highlight their versatility.


Summer 2020

Peaches from South Carolina: July 12 – Aug 11, 2020

Peaches enjoy a fairly long season from May through September; however, our chefs believe there is a shorter period from July through august where southern peaches are at their peak of flavor. The natural sweetness during this period is unique in its ability to balance well with savory flavors or add a deep richness to desserts.