We Care About Our Community's Health

At Solstice, the health and safety of our guests and team members is our number one priority.  To  ensure a clean and healthy restaurant environment, we have amplified the current industry standards for cleaning and disinfecting.

The following measures are being taken:

Our Staff

  • All kitchen and bar staff are required to wash their hands at a minimum of every 30 minutes, and a kitchen timer has been set to reinforce this
  • All service staff if required to wash hands after contact with used food and beverage utensils
  • We are further enforcing our strict illness reporting policy to increase awareness and proactive communication

Our Restaurant

  • We have detailed an outline of daily and weekly cleaning schedules for all kitchen team members to follow
  • We clean commonly touched areas of the restaurant, like the front door handles, with antibacterial and antimicrobial sanitation wipes every 30 minutes
  • We are following a daily sanitation checklist to ensure we are monitoring refrigeration, cleanliness, and equipment
  • We are changing the sanitizing buckets in all bar stations multiple times daily
  • We are cleaning our tables with antibacterial and antimicrobial sanitation wipes

Your Food

  • We are requiring our vendors to adhere to and maintain our strict sanitary guidelines
  • All produce is washed upon arrival, regardless if the purveyor has designated the produce as pre-washed

We are dedicated to providing our guests with a clean and safe environment to dine.  We respectfully ask that if you are feeling sick, to please reschedule your reservation.

Stay healthy, and we look forward to serving you soon!